Privacy Policy adheres to the terms of confidentiality and makes every effort not to disclose any confidential/personal information used/provided during user account registration. Our liability is excluded if the disclosure of such information is not related to this website and/or does not result from the fault of Information disclosed publicly in any other way and/or by the user's will cannot be considered confidential.

It should be noted here that the website uses the so-called "Cookies" (a short text file stored in a web browser) and web beacons that may collect your personal data. It should be emphasized that the processing of the above-mentioned and other analytical information using the website serves only the purpose of simplifying, improving and efficiently working of the website. You, as in other cases indicated above, have the freedom to choose not to use this website in order to prevent the collection and targeted processing of information. By registering/authorizing and/or simply using this page, you agree to its use.

Personal data protection policy

Personal data is any information that identifies or can be identified a natural person. The personal data protection policy given here serves the purpose that the user has as much information as possible about the purpose and in what way his personal data may be processed. declares that the personal data of the users will be processed only for the performance of the services provided by the website and for the provision of related issues. The processing of personal data may include the collection, processing, storage, protection, use of information for a specific purpose depending on the service and transfer to third parties affiliated with the website for the same purpose (eg: delivery to a courier,

When registering on the website, the user fills in the form and submits his personal data in order to use the services of the website. It should be emphasized that, based on the main purpose of, it is necessary to process such user information in order to avoid non-implementation of services and/or illegal actions. Your information is used to verify your legal age and is required for the smooth delivery of your order.

When registering/authorizing on the website, the user voluntarily provides his personal data to and consents to the collection and processing of his personal data. The user has the right to refuse the disclosure of his personal data and not to use this website. It is not allowed to receive services without personal data, because it will not be possible to identify the authority of a person to receive similar services. Also, it is not allowed for the user to provide wrong information and/or falsify it in any way.

It should also be noted that the website retains information about your transactions, which is not accessible to third parties. Please also note that your use of the website may provide with your analytical information, which is necessary only for service improvement.

Your registration on the website automatically implies consent to the use, processing and collection of your personal and analytical data. You have the right to refuse and not use the service offered by us. takes every effort to protect your security and prevent misuse of your confidential, personal information/data.

Intellectual property

Any material/information posted on this website (audio, video, recording, sketch, photo, content, certain material design, logo, music, advertising/marketing material, etc.) posted by the website administration constitutes the intellectual property of property and it is not allowed to interfere with them in any way.

Administration of the web page in the event that any information/material that is immoral, violates/restricts the rights of a third person/circle of persons and/or is unacceptable for any other reason to be distributed in the public space and/or specifically on the mentioned web page, has been disseminated from any authorized/registered account, such Account manager/owner is responsible for the action. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the account and restrict access to the Service for any person whose conduct is in bad faith and violates the terms and conditions herein.

Additional Terms

Any dispute between the parties related to this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiation. If an agreement is not reached as a result of negotiations between the parties, the dispute will be resolved by the laws of Georgia, regardless of the origin, location, territoriality, service receipt, settlement and other key issues of the parties.

Any correspondence regarding any matter of this Agreement and the Services shall be binding. Any correspondence may be done electronically/physically, via website, email and/or social media and/or post. Confirming records of said communication are kept by the executor, which is addressed to the parties about possible future circumstances.

The term of validity of the agreement between the parties is defined as the period during which the person is registered/authorized on the website. Cancellation of the profile by and/or the user shall constitute termination of the agreement between the parties.