How to match wine and food?


If you want to choose the right wine for your meal and make a better impression on your guests, don’t worry! Simple rules will help you make the right choice and feel more confident!

The dish and the wine should be of the same weight

Of course, in this case, we don’t mean kilograms when we talk about weight. If the dish is light, the wine should be light as well.

The dish and the wine should complement each other in intensity and character.

Usually, the flavor of the dish and the wine complement each other. For example, pair soft foods with soft wines, and if the food is very spicy and intense, match it with wines with intense flavors.

A sweet dish paired with a sweet wine

the wine should be at least as sweet or sweeter than the food you serve it with. A dry wine with sweet food seems too sour.

Remember to consider acidity.

Wines with high acidity are more compatible with fatty foods.
If you are eating a highly acidic dish, such as a salad with a vinegar-based dressing, you can pair it with a dry wine.

A spicy wine balances a spicy dish.

Pungent spices like hot pepper can quickly neutralize the wine’s aroma. Thus, it needs to be balanced with a spicy flavor as well.

So choosing a quality wine is critical, but not enough – The wine must match your dish. UnboxWine was created to offer you wine tailored to your taste and needs.