Ancient, unique, and new Georgian wine on the world stage


For centuries, wine has been an organic part of Georgian identity and culture. Based on the 8,000-year history of wine production and archeological sources affirming this, Georgia is called the “Cradle of Wine” on the world stage.

Georgia’s climate and soil characteristics create ideal conditions for wine production – usually sunny summers and mild winters. Along with this, there are many natural rivers in the country that come from the Caucasus mountains and flow into the valleys.

Thus, the Georgian peasant took advantage of favorable environmental conditions and started growing grapes centuries ago, and wine became an integral part of Georgian culture. In Georgia, most families make wine at home and store it in their cellars. For Georgians, wine is not only a phenomenal drink but also a symbol of freedom, individuality, and creativity.

In addition to the fact that wine is made in almost every Georgian family, the number of commercial enterprises has also increased recently. However, traditional Georgian grape varieties still need to be discovered worldwide. While the diversity of Georgia’s wine is its strength, and there are over 400 grape varieties in the region, only 38 are grown for commercial winemaking.

Although the Georgian wine tradition has been going on for more than 8000 years, it is in a period of rediscovery, renewal, and growth in the international arena. UnboxWine is a part of this innovation and means offering the old in a completely new form. We allow users from different regions of the world to share their tastes with us, and our team of experts will do the matching. The user will receive the wine set prepared by UnboxWine in a box specially designed for him.

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